Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to the Basics

Never get so busy with worldly matters that you're no heavenly good. 
Or so, the saying goes...

This has been a very challenging semester for me & the students I work with!

Since I'm still a student myself, balancing school & work while always giving time to Christ isn't the easiest to do. This past summer, my relationship with Christ was at its strongest. I can truly say, I was FILLED with His Holy SPirit. I meditated on Christ's Word night & day, read the bible everyday for hours at a time, humbled at the mercy Christ gives me & in effect, truly loved all people.

There was no evil that saturated in me, no wicked responses that I negatively reacted to & no fear of ministering to people about the Will of Yahweh & His gift of salvation for all that accept.

So, once the summer was coming to an end & I returned for the fall 2012 semester, I saw things differently. I was not at all pleased with the unclean spirits I felt around me. They weren't IN me, but they were present in my atmosphere through many people around me & it spiritually disgusted me.

Since I walked in the Holy Spirit, I was overtly sensitive to the spirit many people held. I could feel the heaviness of my professors and mentees, their fears/pain/stress/ even when they physically showed otherwise. The tuning of my spirit was so keen, I could hardly concentrate on worldly tasks. I wanted to go into ministry full-time & leave school, as a student, immediately!

I began to pray about this matter, asking Yahweh to reveal to me rather I should stay or leave. WHile waiting on an answer, satan was on my case HARD, trying to discourage my focus on the things of Yahweh. He was bringing unforeseen trials my way constantly. Yet, I still took great joy in being a child of THE KING OF KINGS, never being deterred of my faith in Christ.

My answer from Yahweh: I've placed you here for a reason not known entirely to you. Continue to minister my Word to people where you currently are.

This was NOT the answer I wanted! I just KNEW that Christ would've wanted me to get out there and use my entire day talking to the homeless & people in shelters, those in nursing homes. etc. about the Kingdom of Yahweh. However, Christ wanted me to stay here & continue in this journey, ministering & finishing school.

So I pulled back on my relationship with Christ. I still prayed and read the bible but I was not in so deep as before. I started concentrating more on my students & my personal schoolwork. I felt guilty, thinking I should still be greatly saturated in the Word. Yet, I kept going on the way I knew how throughout the semester.

By midterm, I was making all As in my classes & began focusing on one of my mentees that I call my little sister. Her experiences are parallel to what my mother endured as a young woman & after Christ continued to press upon me the responsibility of helping this young lady overcome spiritual bondage through the love of Christ, I surrendered.

It is the end of the Fall semester, my final grades were all As & now I'm personally mentoring a young lady that is well on her way to having a strong & consistent relationship with Christ.

I now think about if I were not obedient to Christ or second-guessed His purpose for myself, where would I be right now?

Megan & I (Left to Right)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Working With The Youth

If you don't follow me on twitter , you may not know this- but I work for Student Support Services (SSS) as a mentor and tutor to undergraduate students at Chicago State University (CSU). We  are part of TRiO, which caters to first generation college attendees, low income and minority students to help them complete an undergraduate degree with all possible support such as counseling, mentoring, tutoring, financial assistance, and relevant topic- workshops. This job is so fun, exciting and fulfilling because I get to work with a variety of people with various backgrounds, ages, etc. I always connect with many students that have very tragic histories and have endured a lot, often times, within just 20 or so years of life. I use this job as a platform to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. I'm always asking God to help me be able to reach more people and for Christ to work within me so that those who are called by Him can hear his voice and know that they need Him to transform their hearts.

Since last week, we have been processing new admits and there are so many students, of all grade levels, coming into the program. I worked over the summer, so I got to sit and meet with many of the new students. One young woman, age 24, is a senior at CSU and she has 2 children (boy and girl), ages 4 and 2. She came in with a newly admitted friend of hers, inquiring about the program. I was explaining the benefits of SSS and she was joking that because she is a senior, it may not be very beneficial to her. I went on to do more paperwork, yet because I always observe my surroundings, I could see that she was very kind & accommodating to everyone that had come in, smiling & making everyone laugh at her jokes. 

However, I knew there was a heaviness in her heart. I cannot explain how I knew it, I just did. There was a restlessness within her & a mask covering the pain she felt. God was pressing me to speak to her about Him. I called her out into the hallway and began speaking with her one on one. She revealed to me that she was molested several times throughout her life and that her father practices necromancy, divination among other forms of sorcery (Deuteronomy 18:10-11). I look forward to speaking with her more about the Word of God & will personally work with her spiritually, outside of the workplace. 

I am so grateful that God has placed me in this position to help His children. I want no glory for myself & my entire goal, since I have worked with youth, has been to introduce them to Christ. I struggle with areas of separating myself from the world (being child of Christ yet working with the public and those of the world all the time, can make a person weary & it is imperative to always stay armored up - Ephesians 6:10-18 - so that Satan may not enter in your spirit). I just ask God to help me always remember to never get caught up with the world, crowding Christ out of my life (Mark 4:18-19). I love Christ SO much & I know that as His sheep, I am to represent who I believe in, follow, obey and honor. 

SO daily I pray that Christ seals me so that I am forever His & that those He leads me to speak to, the seed is dropped, in hopes it fell on good ground - receiving the word with gladness & bearing much fruit. 

Side-note: The young woman's name is Deborah - a prophetess, judge of Israel and wife according to Judges 4 in the bible. So what's in a name? According to the Word of God, names are extremely important & they foretell a person's destiny. I believe that this young lady, Deborah, can become a great woman in God's Will & His plan for her life. Let God Work!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fellowship 101

*Warning* - This post will contain a highly offensive subject matter (to the flesh) that many will dispute but I must introduce it! If you are not interested in seeking truth, I suggest you leave this page now...

Recently, my mother had same-day surgery to break up a kidney stone. The nurse that monitored her vitals during recovery begin having a conversation with my mom. They were discussing the Word of God & the nurse was baffled that although my mom does not attend church, she actually studies the bible daily, keeps the commandments of God & have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Many people find this to be odd because the world LOVES to place people in categories & it is almost as if people cannot mentally process information if it will not fit in a category the world created! Christ never ministered religion. He despised the Pharisees because they did not worship in spirit & truth (John 4:24) and instead, disregarded the Word of God to keep the commandments of men (Mark 7:13). 

I often think, if now (instead of then) were the generation in which Christ came to spread the Gospel of The Kingdom Of God, who would be the Pharisees? 

Well, the Pharisees did their deeds in the sight of men to receive their praise (Matt 6:5), Christ called them hypocrites (Matt 6:2), spiritually blind (Matt 15:14), their prayer was not heard by God (Luke 18:11, John 9:31). In addition, they often had social ties with those that had nothing to do with God, political ties & they advised others to do things that they themselves refuse to do (Gal 6:12-13).This really describes many church members & government-registered (501c3) churches. God's Word is NOT for sale, yet every church has merchandise that they offer the congregation, rather it be self help books, DVDs & CDs of the sermons, or other things for sale. 

In Mark 11:11-22, Christ does something SO significant. People often overlook this & never understand it for what it really means.  We are shown that Christ was with His apostles coming from Bethany & got hungry. He came upon a fig tree that had no fruit. He cursed the tree, declaring that it will not ever bear fruit again & immediately afterward- we are shown Him going into the temple in Jerusalem, rebuking those that bought & sold within the church, casting them out!- turning over tables, knocking over chairs & said "Is it not said my house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? But ye have made it a den of thieves." - Now if you know anything about a fig tree, you know that the figs grow before the leaves.... So when Christ saw leaves on the fig tree, it was certainly suppose to have figs. However, just as many supposed godly people APPEAR like they are bearing spiritual fruit, when we examine it, we see they have no spiritual fruit at all. They merely have a form of godliness as taught in 2Tim 3:5.  I thought it was very interesting to see the curse of the fig tree & Christ in the temple connected to one another as one story, not only in the Book of Mark, but the Book of Matthew as well.

It is imperative that people understand what Hebrew 10:25 meant. When Paul said "Do not forsake the assembly..."- It is clear He was speaking to a group of people that believed in, obeyed and followed the Will of God though Jesus Christ. This was in NO WAY encouraging people to find a church home or stay in a church building among a group of people. In the Book of Acts, often times the apostles were in people's home having fellowship. Let's be clear: In NO wise has a congregational building church service EVER been promoted in scripture. Every time Christ taught in the synagogue, there were a mix of people in there- the hypocrites and the true believers. This carried over to the apostles in the Book of Acts as well. 
We must know the character of God to truly serve Him. God is NOT going to send us among a "form of godliness" type of people to Worship Him yet still ask us to remain "unspotted from the world" ( James 1:27). That is NOT the character of God. The one TRUE God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob teaches us to remove ourselves from wickedness, and even moreso when it comes to Worshiping Him! ...Worshiping among hypocrites is not God's intention nor meaning for His children when He asks us to avoid forsaking the assembly. 
People have asked "so what is your problem with going to church? did you have a bad experience?" - And my response to that is NO! Although many people HAVE had an experience that revealed the wickedness that goes on in these congregations, I have not faced that. And I thank God that my 15+ yrs in congregations (from my past) never had me endure spiritual abuse. However, it does not take a genius to know exactly what goes on in these places. I've attended enough churches to know 1. The sheep of Christ are scattered, He is the shepherd & do not belong to any denomination  that are the "chosen people" and 2. Being set apart would be leaving ALL wickedness behind, including walking away from your beloved church home because the entire church congregations in Christianity as we know them - have been tainted by Satan. There is more about this topic HERE if you are interested in knowing the history of why church as we know it is not of God.

People have been misled into believing a counterfeit Christ is the REAL Christ & ALL Christian denominations & sects have had a part in this (See Jeremiah 23 for description of this). There is NO church congregation that teaches to depend SOLELY on the Holy Spirit to teach you of all truth (not some unbiblical prophet of prophetess, pastor,evangelist, etc), obey God by keeping the 10 commandments, teach the TRUE time Christ rose from the dead, teach the TRUE Sabbath & much more... Not ONE church does this. 

So people, I implore you to get right with God by repenting of ALL of your sins, asking forgiveness of those that you have done wrong to, stop placing yourselves in a judgment position, humble yourselves as a little child, ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your understanding & avoid evil no matter who or what you must forsake to do so. This is the only way to please the God of the Bible. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Waiting on The Lord

I've vowed to the Lord that I would read His Word Daily & truly submit myself to His Will for my life, not placing ANYTHING in front of Him & releasing all of the ways of the world that separate me from Him, following the 10 commandments (and NO they are NOT "nailed to the cross" or "done away with"- read John 14:15, 1John 2:3-4, James 2:10-11, Romans 3:31) through faith in Jesus Christ & always ask God what I should do in all areas of my life.

So, I've been reading over many books in the bible that I've read many times before but God reveals things to me as He sees fit when He knows it's time for me to see more. I am so grateful for this because it is literally like unwrapping a new gift every time I read the Word of God..

Recently, I have been trying to figure out something that is VERY imperative to understand within the Word & Will of God. I thought I understood this certain thing but then something came out of my research that made me think otherwise. I felt discouraged... Because like many other things taught within these Christian churches of the world that we've all learned PRIOR to finally getting to the TRUTH of who The LORD is, I'm finding that this topic- has too- been distorted to kill the TRUE Gospel of the Kingdom of God. I got filled up with tears and started crying. I felt "Oh No, I have found SOMETHING ELSE that Satan has deceived the masses with?! I give up!"

I went to lie down in my room & pulled the covers over my head, pouting to myself. My mom came in to minister to me & I just did not want to hear it. I felt defeated in every way imaginable & then Satan's temptations started to flood me within seconds "It does not matter, you will never get the truth, whatever will be will be, just accept it & live your life the way YOU want because getting it right is far from your reach & just unattainable. Why waste your time, you could be doing something else. Just QUIT trying NOW" Immediately, I knew Satan was trying his best to sift me as wheat & make it where I walked away from God for good.

Then right afterward, the small voice came... My thoughts shifted to "No. God is not setting His children up for failure. You know He hears your prayers & you know that all of what you HAVE learned in His Word, you have been obedient to. God does not condemn those that are diligently seeking Him & he discerns the hearts of man. He knows that you love Him & He wants to continue a relationship with you. Be patient because although it may seem that everywhere you turn there is a different & often eschewed interpretation of (the matter at hand), God has not left you & will reveal the truth of it in due season. Rest on what you DO know & He will continue to lead you in truth"

I felt immediate comfort & was kinda mad at myself for not having the second thought come first! I immediately repented, prayed & rested with the Faith that God will reveal this topic that has troubled me in His timing.

If you have ever faced a roadblock when trying to understand things concerning the Word & Will of God, I encourage you to read the following scriptures, then pray - asking God to reveal His Word to you so that you will have a conviction in the TRUE Word & Will of God:

"But the Comforter which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring to your rememberance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Peace I leave with you but not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. - John 15:26-27

"Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself: but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. He shall glorify me; for he shall receive of mine & show it unto you" - John 16:13-14

"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God." - Romans 8:14

"My help comes from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved : he that keepeth thee will not slumber." - Psalms 121:2-3

So you see, if there are things you do not understand within the Word of God that have yet to be revealed to you, the Holy Ghost (Comforter) will teach it to you in God's timing. When you are someone that is obedient to the Lord, you will receive the mysteries of the Kingdom of God & all that is needed to be known of Him & His Will as time goes by. You do not have to get the understanding by man... For the Spirit of TRUTH will tell you soon enough! Be confident in the Lord your God!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Manifesting Psalm 51:10

Currently, I am undergoing a reconstruction process. Being completely transparent, it has always been very difficult to release things of the world that I felt was not spiritually harmful.  Entertainment has always been an issue for me. I enjoy reading novels & my favorite genre is Psychological & Crime Thrillers. I'm more into music than television but when I do watch television, a major portion of it is dedicated to Reality TV. I have struggled with this for many years, looking for the balance between what type of entertainment The Most High God considers a sin. I knew that watching shows like Basketball Wives and Love & Hip-Hop was not bringing glory to Him, but I also felt it wasn't necessarily taking it away. Then my mother told me something that, although I would force myself to forget while engaging in sinful forms of entertainment, still stuck with me... And what she said was: Your activities have to be done in the mind of Christ. If there is something you are interested in doing that you do not immediately deem as spiritually harmful, think about Christ sitting in your front room. What would you do around Him in comfort of knowing you are doing His Will & what would you try to hide in fear of knowing He wouldn't approve? - 
And JUST LIKE THAT, my mother had summed up my rhetorical questioning of things being acceptable or not to The LORD. This was told to me back in 2010. However, the acceptance of it is saturating now.
So, I am tired of running from complete righteousness, tired of asking Jesus Christ to only wash parts of me (because other parts were unwilling to submit to His Will) & tired of lying down at night being plagued with the feeling of myself being lukewarm!
At this time, I am undergoing a reconstruction process that is removing all of what I thought to be little sins & replacing it with complete obedience of The Word & Will of The Most High God. 
I have NEVER gotten rid of certain music, TV shows/Movies & Books & stayed rid of it. However, how can I say I am a child of my LORD & Saviour if I do not completely obey Him & walk completely in faith? Exactly! So here I am, a child receiving mercy from My Father for another chance to give willingness & obedience to Christ, so that He may change my ways & cleanse ALL of my heart. 

*For information about how harmful entertainment can be, please read the previous post: The Danger of Entertainment 

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Danger of Entertainment

For some time, I have struggled with entertainment by watching  TV shows/movies & listening to music that God would not approve of. I have gone through the process of ridding myself of R&B, Hip-Hop & even certain gospel music a least three times. I can tell you that entertainment definitely carries a spirit of bondage. It amazes me of how people can still argue the idea that music & movies have no effect on a person's behavioral patterns. Even from a scientific & psychological evaluation, these forms of entertainment and many more - without a doubt - affects the behavior, reactions and overall emotions of people.
Ever heard that we only use a certain percentage of our brain? This is true when we engage in most activities. However, music is one of the few activities that involve using the ENTIRE brain. Music is processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the side of the brain that reacts emotionally rather than logically, process the "big picture' rather than the details, processes information in random order rather than sequential order, memory through non verbal information (such as images), and creativity which eliminates perception of consequences.  
Television has been linked to the increase number Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity and delayed brain function in children and adults. According to the #1 natural health site, 72 percent of parents in the U.S. are concerned with their children watching TV for 5 hours a day but only 23 percent of them have taken action of this concern by monitoring what their children watch, cutting the time allowed to watch television or encouraging their children to watch & enjoy educational programming. I'd say, this is not an acceptable number considering we haven't even spoke about the adults that feverishly watch TV programming that do nothing to positively enhance growth!

Of course, with these facts come the evaluation of Satan & his demons having EVERYTHING to do with the reason so many people find entertainment absolutely addictive, music in particular. The bible tells us, in Ezekiel 28:13, that the Tabret and Pipes were prepared IN Lucifer the day he was created. Lucifer actually embodied musical instruments. According to several other scriptures, these are proven to be instruments for music (Gen 31;27, 1Samuel 10:5, Job 17:6, 1 King 1:40, Isaiah 5:12, Matt 11:17 and at least 10 more). Although Lucifer became the adversary of God, thus gaining the name "Satan" and being cast out of heaven, along with the angels that turned from God - Satan still bared many of his heavenly assets and it is no surprise that he is using music and other forms of entertainment to cause people to sin against God. 

Christ talks about "hypocrites" in a greater portion of Matt 6. This word is from the Greek translation of hypokrites which means "play acting" "acting out" "judgment" or "critics"... In short, this word mean ACTOR. Christ taught that hypocrites, or actors - are people that play a role but secretly, they are someone else & have hidden agendas. They put on performances. This is true for the actors in movies and TV shows because they have a public persona yet are completely different people outside of the public eye. Also, music videos provide a platform for musicians to act. All videos have a story-line and require for the people in it to act it out.

*For More information about the origins of acting in Greek society click this link>

In Exodus 20, The Most High God warns us about imagery. When we use imagery as a major tool of perception, we will most assuredly go wrong. This is why people idolize celebrities' image of lifestyle (money, clothes, cars, jewelry) & public persona. 

You may be asking about other forms of entertainment such as various products of technology (game consoles, cameras, computers, and much more) and to that I say each of these have created issues on a moral level such as playing video games that promote violence, creating and collecting nude photos/videos, and cyber bullying among many other problems. 
So please, re-evaluate the time you spend and type of entertainment you intake. It can damage you spirit!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Truth About Mother's Day