Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fellowship 101

*Warning* - This post will contain a highly offensive subject matter (to the flesh) that many will dispute but I must introduce it! If you are not interested in seeking truth, I suggest you leave this page now...

Recently, my mother had same-day surgery to break up a kidney stone. The nurse that monitored her vitals during recovery begin having a conversation with my mom. They were discussing the Word of God & the nurse was baffled that although my mom does not attend church, she actually studies the bible daily, keeps the commandments of God & have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Many people find this to be odd because the world LOVES to place people in categories & it is almost as if people cannot mentally process information if it will not fit in a category the world created! Christ never ministered religion. He despised the Pharisees because they did not worship in spirit & truth (John 4:24) and instead, disregarded the Word of God to keep the commandments of men (Mark 7:13). 

I often think, if now (instead of then) were the generation in which Christ came to spread the Gospel of The Kingdom Of God, who would be the Pharisees? 

Well, the Pharisees did their deeds in the sight of men to receive their praise (Matt 6:5), Christ called them hypocrites (Matt 6:2), spiritually blind (Matt 15:14), their prayer was not heard by God (Luke 18:11, John 9:31). In addition, they often had social ties with those that had nothing to do with God, political ties & they advised others to do things that they themselves refuse to do (Gal 6:12-13).This really describes many church members & government-registered (501c3) churches. God's Word is NOT for sale, yet every church has merchandise that they offer the congregation, rather it be self help books, DVDs & CDs of the sermons, or other things for sale. 

In Mark 11:11-22, Christ does something SO significant. People often overlook this & never understand it for what it really means.  We are shown that Christ was with His apostles coming from Bethany & got hungry. He came upon a fig tree that had no fruit. He cursed the tree, declaring that it will not ever bear fruit again & immediately afterward- we are shown Him going into the temple in Jerusalem, rebuking those that bought & sold within the church, casting them out!- turning over tables, knocking over chairs & said "Is it not said my house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? But ye have made it a den of thieves." - Now if you know anything about a fig tree, you know that the figs grow before the leaves.... So when Christ saw leaves on the fig tree, it was certainly suppose to have figs. However, just as many supposed godly people APPEAR like they are bearing spiritual fruit, when we examine it, we see they have no spiritual fruit at all. They merely have a form of godliness as taught in 2Tim 3:5.  I thought it was very interesting to see the curse of the fig tree & Christ in the temple connected to one another as one story, not only in the Book of Mark, but the Book of Matthew as well.

It is imperative that people understand what Hebrew 10:25 meant. When Paul said "Do not forsake the assembly..."- It is clear He was speaking to a group of people that believed in, obeyed and followed the Will of God though Jesus Christ. This was in NO WAY encouraging people to find a church home or stay in a church building among a group of people. In the Book of Acts, often times the apostles were in people's home having fellowship. Let's be clear: In NO wise has a congregational building church service EVER been promoted in scripture. Every time Christ taught in the synagogue, there were a mix of people in there- the hypocrites and the true believers. This carried over to the apostles in the Book of Acts as well. 
We must know the character of God to truly serve Him. God is NOT going to send us among a "form of godliness" type of people to Worship Him yet still ask us to remain "unspotted from the world" ( James 1:27). That is NOT the character of God. The one TRUE God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob teaches us to remove ourselves from wickedness, and even moreso when it comes to Worshiping Him! ...Worshiping among hypocrites is not God's intention nor meaning for His children when He asks us to avoid forsaking the assembly. 
People have asked "so what is your problem with going to church? did you have a bad experience?" - And my response to that is NO! Although many people HAVE had an experience that revealed the wickedness that goes on in these congregations, I have not faced that. And I thank God that my 15+ yrs in congregations (from my past) never had me endure spiritual abuse. However, it does not take a genius to know exactly what goes on in these places. I've attended enough churches to know 1. The sheep of Christ are scattered, He is the shepherd & do not belong to any denomination  that are the "chosen people" and 2. Being set apart would be leaving ALL wickedness behind, including walking away from your beloved church home because the entire church congregations in Christianity as we know them - have been tainted by Satan. There is more about this topic HERE if you are interested in knowing the history of why church as we know it is not of God.

People have been misled into believing a counterfeit Christ is the REAL Christ & ALL Christian denominations & sects have had a part in this (See Jeremiah 23 for description of this). There is NO church congregation that teaches to depend SOLELY on the Holy Spirit to teach you of all truth (not some unbiblical prophet of prophetess, pastor,evangelist, etc), obey God by keeping the 10 commandments, teach the TRUE time Christ rose from the dead, teach the TRUE Sabbath & much more... Not ONE church does this. 

So people, I implore you to get right with God by repenting of ALL of your sins, asking forgiveness of those that you have done wrong to, stop placing yourselves in a judgment position, humble yourselves as a little child, ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your understanding & avoid evil no matter who or what you must forsake to do so. This is the only way to please the God of the Bible. 


  1. Relationship with Jesus. Not spending time in a building.
    Jesus Rules!

  2. Again this is a warning to come out of her.