Friday, May 25, 2012

The Danger of Entertainment

For some time, I have struggled with entertainment by watching  TV shows/movies & listening to music that God would not approve of. I have gone through the process of ridding myself of R&B, Hip-Hop & even certain gospel music a least three times. I can tell you that entertainment definitely carries a spirit of bondage. It amazes me of how people can still argue the idea that music & movies have no effect on a person's behavioral patterns. Even from a scientific & psychological evaluation, these forms of entertainment and many more - without a doubt - affects the behavior, reactions and overall emotions of people.
Ever heard that we only use a certain percentage of our brain? This is true when we engage in most activities. However, music is one of the few activities that involve using the ENTIRE brain. Music is processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the side of the brain that reacts emotionally rather than logically, process the "big picture' rather than the details, processes information in random order rather than sequential order, memory through non verbal information (such as images), and creativity which eliminates perception of consequences.  
Television has been linked to the increase number Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity and delayed brain function in children and adults. According to the #1 natural health site, 72 percent of parents in the U.S. are concerned with their children watching TV for 5 hours a day but only 23 percent of them have taken action of this concern by monitoring what their children watch, cutting the time allowed to watch television or encouraging their children to watch & enjoy educational programming. I'd say, this is not an acceptable number considering we haven't even spoke about the adults that feverishly watch TV programming that do nothing to positively enhance growth!

Of course, with these facts come the evaluation of Satan & his demons having EVERYTHING to do with the reason so many people find entertainment absolutely addictive, music in particular. The bible tells us, in Ezekiel 28:13, that the Tabret and Pipes were prepared IN Lucifer the day he was created. Lucifer actually embodied musical instruments. According to several other scriptures, these are proven to be instruments for music (Gen 31;27, 1Samuel 10:5, Job 17:6, 1 King 1:40, Isaiah 5:12, Matt 11:17 and at least 10 more). Although Lucifer became the adversary of God, thus gaining the name "Satan" and being cast out of heaven, along with the angels that turned from God - Satan still bared many of his heavenly assets and it is no surprise that he is using music and other forms of entertainment to cause people to sin against God. 

Christ talks about "hypocrites" in a greater portion of Matt 6. This word is from the Greek translation of hypokrites which means "play acting" "acting out" "judgment" or "critics"... In short, this word mean ACTOR. Christ taught that hypocrites, or actors - are people that play a role but secretly, they are someone else & have hidden agendas. They put on performances. This is true for the actors in movies and TV shows because they have a public persona yet are completely different people outside of the public eye. Also, music videos provide a platform for musicians to act. All videos have a story-line and require for the people in it to act it out.

*For More information about the origins of acting in Greek society click this link>

In Exodus 20, The Most High God warns us about imagery. When we use imagery as a major tool of perception, we will most assuredly go wrong. This is why people idolize celebrities' image of lifestyle (money, clothes, cars, jewelry) & public persona. 

You may be asking about other forms of entertainment such as various products of technology (game consoles, cameras, computers, and much more) and to that I say each of these have created issues on a moral level such as playing video games that promote violence, creating and collecting nude photos/videos, and cyber bullying among many other problems. 
So please, re-evaluate the time you spend and type of entertainment you intake. It can damage you spirit!

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  1. Right on! I really like watching netflix or listening to podcasts etc...
    I have discovered that too much time in this is actually stealing my stewardship of time for and with God.
    Now, I am challenging myself to focus more on my calling and am cutting out a lot of entertainment.
    Then the devil brought Dallas back on...
    ha ha.. oh well, i am making an effort!